SAKΞ is an extremely rare style of sake: Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Nama Genshu Kimoto Shizuku (純米大吟醸無濾過生原酒生酛雫).

"Junmai Daiginjo" (純米大吟醸) sake requires extraordinary attention to detail, with constant monitoring of temperature, fermentation and enzymatic activity for far longer than a typical sake. To achieve this level of quality, every grain of rice used in SAKΞ is polished to at least half of its original size. This extremely labor-intensive process requires stringent quality controls and a costly production process to produce very limited quantities. The result is concentrated yet nuanced, with a complex and highly fragrant style. SAKΞ's unique aroma and taste are not easily achieved



"Muroka Nama Genshu" (無濾過生原酒) sake is unfiltered, unpasteurized, and undiluted. By preserving the natural flavors and aromas throughout the brewing process, SAKΞ maintains its natural coloring and high alcohol count. The resulting taste is one without compromise: notes of raw walnut, marzipan and a refreshing bitter note on the back end of the palate.

The traditional "Kimoto" (生酛) brewing method adds multiple weeks to the brewing process to give SAKΞ a bright, creamy texture with limestone undertones and a gentle-yet-refreshing, slightly salty finish.

Bottled as "Shizuku" (雫), this painstaking method allows only free-run sake to drip into the tank via gravity. Because no pressure is applied, SAKΞ's most delicate and elegant characteristics are preserved in the bottle.

Once complete, SAKΞ is stored in a specialized tank that maintains a perfect -5ºc to prevent spoilage. These exceptional conditions ensure that every time SAKΞ is bottled, the prized liquid maximizes its freshness and natural qualities.